What is the SBN?
The Seahorse Breeders Network (SBN) is a division of Seahorse.Org The mission of the Seahorse Breeders Network is:

to share information among breeders that improves the chances for successful propagation and rearing of seahorses in captivity
to build and maintain a strong gene pool by facilitating the exchange of fry and adult seahorses among members
to offer both general and species-specific information that will help new breeders to achieve success in their breeding efforts
to provide an alternative source that relieves the demand for wild-caught seahorses

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SBN Database
Registered breeders are allowed access to sampled data from all breeders in order to learn ways to improve their own breeding programs, and to gain information on the breeding habits of seahorses. Data is 'cleaned' of all breeder specific information, and only raw data is available.

How do I become a member?
Members of the Seahorse Breeders Network must have a proven track record of raising seahorse fry to adulthood. Apply to SBN@Seahorse.ORG

Seahorse Exchange
The Exchange is a place for SBN breeders to list and search for seahorses to swap/trade for their breeding programs...

Seahorse Store
The Seahorse Store is a website where breeders may sell their captive bred seahorses to the public. SBN will provide this service to breeders as part of Seahorse.Org's mission to work toward seahorse conservation. It is the Organisations hope that this service will assist in relieving the demand for wild-caught seahorses. ... Register for access


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